the man

A Provocative Proposal

A Provocative Proposal

Today I was visited by a stranger. He knocked on my door, a stately man who chose to hide in the darkness. He told me that we had a mutual partner who thought it best the two of us meet. At first, I was off-put and questioned whether he mistook me for the previous owner. He told me “I’ve been looking for me for a long time.”

But that doesn’t mean you can come into my home. I told him that I’d need to know more about him. He made a remark about the smell. I told him that it was probably the puddle under the napkin, and he assured me that it was coming from inside the door.

Eventually and perhaps my better judgment I let the stranger in. He never took his hat or his coat off. He sat down on the couch and stared at me with these very milky eyes. His cataracts stared trough me and he told me about how he works for a canning company and that his employer thinks it might be a good idea to manufacture the whistles that I make.

I don’t consider myself to be very proud but I don’t think they could make the price worthy of that incentive. When I stated this to him, he smirked and told me that it would be worth so much more than I was accustomed to. Which made no sense to me, money is money.

the key

Then he lifted his briefcase up and opened it. He withdrew a single key and slid it across the table from me. IT was just a plain looking key with the letter M on it. I lifted it and nothing spectacular happened, and he stayed completely silent until I asked him what it went to.

“Anything you want.”

Then he closed the briefcase and spun it to face me. The key was for the briefcase, but I have no idea how he opened it. Then the man stood up, grabbed a napkin from the table and walked out, closing the door behind him.

I remember sitting there for a moment dumbstruck as to what to do next. I sat the key back on the briefcase and got a glass of water. The silence bugged me, so I turned on the TV. The election was on so I turned the local news on instead. There I heard the words I never thought could affect me.

the glass

A maiden voyage of a cruise line had set sail and of the footage, they showed my whistle was on that voyage. I sat there for a moment watching my fine work let out this awful sound. I tested the whistle; it wasn’t supposed to make that sound, and it is for certain my handiwork. As I’m watching this live feed,

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